Smart City

The GCC region has been witnessing transformation on an unprecedented scale in the last few years, with economic challenges and technological progress having a combined effect on the nature of change.
Arguably, one of the main aspects of this transformation is the move towards becoming ‘smart’, with most regional governments aggressively expanding the adoption of new technologies as they strive to increase efficiencies and ease the lives of their populations.
Other smart cities, however, look beyond technology transformation towards issues including quality of life, access to data and efficiency and sustainability measures that can be achieved using technological means.
The entire GCC region is now looking to adopt smart initiatives, with an expanding market for Internet of Things (IoT) technology and strong government support for the change which Emirates Fortune is looking to position itself from an investment perspective.
The GCC’s ICT regulation and development authorities are playing a growing role in pushing new technologies by generating public awareness and sometimes starting national initiatives.
Urban planners in most GCC cities are already including smart city infrastructure and features in their new plans.
A total of nine smart city projects are expected in the Gulf nations by 2025, of which two are brownfield projects and seven are cities that will be built from scratch in which Emirates Fortune sees itself as a major investment partner.