Our Team

Mr. Ghanem Al Mazroui

Prior to his appointment as chairman of Emirates Fortune Group, Mr. Ghanem Al Mazroui served as Minister Plenipotentiary in the UAE Foreign Ministry for 18 years. He continues to actively participate in political, commercial and society committees in the region.

To date, he continues to manage several businesses related to education, real estate and hospitality. Mr. Ghanem Al Mazroui has been accredited with qualifications from California State Polytechnic University, where he graduated and holds a Bachelor of Science in Economic and Political Science.

Dr. Naser Muhyealdeen

As the Chief Executive Officer at Emirates Fortune Group, Dr. Naser Muhyealdeen brings onboard 17 years of international experience through his legal profession, while serving as a partner at Al Riyami Advocates & Muhyealdeen International Legal Consultants.

Dr. Naser Muhyealdeen’s graduated with honors, with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science & Economics, a Bachelor of Science in Law, and a Juris Doctors in Law. Dr. Naser Muhyealdeen continues being active in the following areas:

- Qualified Member of the Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Dept.
- Member of the UAE Rulers Court as an Advocate and Legal Counsel
- Member of International Law Bar Association
- Qualified Litigator & Member of DIFC Courts
- Associate Member of Dubai International Arbitration Centre
- Member of the Abu Dhabi International Arbitration Centre